Why is India is seeing a surge in Diabetes Mellitus?

“Four out of 10 patients walking to our eye clinic are diabetic.”


Diabetes Mellitus is no longer a disease of the old. Today the disease is prevalent in pretty much all age groups. And we all blame it just for the stress, sedentary lifestyle, obesity and what not.

In fact, it all starts right in the womb. The majority of women in India are nutritionally deficient. Blame it to poverty, lack of nutritious food, being vegetarian, irregular food habits and fads, worm infestation, and too close pregnancies. Each pregnancy consumes a woman and depletes her store of body nutrients. The next growing foetus senses a food deficiency, a famine-like condition, and adapts naturally to a state of conserved resources. This heralds the birth of a hormone called resistin. Resistin is a hormone that lowers the metabolic rate of the body leading to low expenditure of energy. A child born with a low metabolic rate tends to accumulate fat in the body. Previously children were used to playing outdoor games, now they sit in front of the computers, tabs, smartphones and indulge in gaming and post-COVID lockdown, mandatory online education. In addition, ordering junk and processed food like pizza, burgers, fast food and sugary products are just a few clicks away. It is a double whammy for a child born with a low metabolic rate. He/she first become obese and then resistant to insulin-an a hormone that regulates the blood sugar in our body.

With this, ARE WE already staring at Diabetes Mellitus as a normal standard for our future generation?

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