Care One Retina Eye Centre in Dahisar (West), Mumbai


About Us

Our skilled eye surgeons and caring staff provide exceptional healthcare to all our patients. This includes keeping our patients safe while they are in the eye centre. Some of the ways we keep our patients safe include:

  • Sanitization, clean and adequately spacious facility.

  • Assigning fewer patient appointments in time slots to prevent overcrowding and giving you more time to focus on your needs.

  • Online video consultations, to address your queries and support you in the care.

  • Another safety feature at Care One Retina and Eye Centre, is the fact that we have extensive experience in your particular surgery. More experience equates to safer, better outcomes for you.

We know an eye check up can be time consuming. We want to make it easier for you by providing comfort and convenience for our patients and caregivers by providing:

  • Comfortable sitting area and ambient temperature

  • Wireless Internet Service

  • Reading Corner with BestSeller Books

  • Snack Station

Visiting Hours: Monday–Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Why being a surgeon-owned eye care matters to your care

Surgeon-owned eye care centres offer both patients AND doctors choices beyond those offered at large community hospitals and also provide a higher quality of personalized care. For patients, these differences are of the utmost importance. As evident in India, centres that are run by physicians and surgeons have been shown to run more efficiently and have higher quality patient outcomes than those run by public entities or board appointed and MBA administrators.

Friendly Staff

This eye clinic employs people who are dedicated to their respective places and go to extra miles to achieve the common vision and 100% patient satisfaction. In the near future, the clinic aims to expand its line of medical services and serve a larger patient base. It’s an easy task to travel and access to this establishment, as there are several modes of transport available.


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